About Us

Philamag is the information and knowledge portal for philately and it is launched by Philamart. Main aim is to promote philately and spread information and impart knowledge to the beginners. It contains various sections like Knowledge Bank, Articles, New Issues of India Post and Worldwide, Exhibit of the Month, Personality of the Month, Special Covers and Videos etc. It also covers the recent news from the philatelic world.

We have planned a webinar every month on various subjects of philately. These will be conducted by eminent philatelist of the world. We hope this will give the philatelist the latest knowledge and align them with the current trends in world philately.

We are planning to start queries and answer section where anyone can ask questions only related to philately or philatelic items. The experts or fellow philatelist will answer or try to solve the queries which will help everyone to update knowledge base.