International Webinar by Chaitanya Dev on

FRANCE LIBRE Overprints on French India Stamps

Chaitanya Dev is the President of Karnataka Philatelic Society since 2015

Dev has won various awards in philatelic exhibitions,  He was the winner of the Gold Medal as well as a special prize at INPEX-2017 for his collection on French India. 

Dev has authored a book on the Stamps French India, which could be considered as one of the reference material for traditional French India Collectors.


Synopsis of the Webinar

This webinar describes the need for having overprinted French India stamps with FRANCE LIBRE and various types of FRANCE LIBRE overprints issued in the colony.

“France has lost the battle but France has not lost the war…. Our country is in danger of death, let us all fight to save it”

This Historic appeal of General Charles de Gaulle addressed to all citizens of France on 18th June 1940 from London paved the way for the movement of FREE FRANCE………….

L’Etablissement Francasis dans l’Inde (French India) was one of the first overseas territories to join this movement for the liberation of the motherland, cutting all links with the Vichy government in France.  In order to have new identity, it was decided by the local authorities at Pondicherry, to overprint its stamps with the words “FRANCE LIBRE” (Free France) as propaganda.

In this webinar, we look at the various FRANCE LIBRE overprints that were found on the French India Stamps along with its errors and varieties.  The brief contents of the webinar are:

  1. First Printing – 1941 Printing of FRANCE LIBRE
    1. 1st Issue – Trial Printing
    2. 2nd Issue – Production Printing
  2. Second Printing – 1942 Printing of FRANCE LIBRE and Cross of Lorraine
    1. 1st Printing
    2. 2nd Printing
    3. Bi-coloured printing
    4. Interim Issues
  3. Third Printing – 1943 Printing of FRANCE LIBRE and Cross of Lorraine with Surcharge (Only on Temple Issues)


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