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postage stamp on Ram chand paul 06-03-2019

Ram Chand Paul (1919-2002) was a distinguished scientist, educationist, administrator, science promoter and author of a large number of research papers and books.   Technical

Postage Stamp on Gulabrao Maharaj

Gulabrao Maharaj Date of Issue: 19-12-2018 Sant Gulabrao Maharaj was known as Pradnyachakshu Madhuradwaitacharya Gulabrao Maharaj. He was called Pradnyachakshu because in spite of being

Postage stamp on National Police Memorial

National Police Memorial Date of Issue: 22-12-2018 The National Police Memorial (NPM) has been established at Chanakyapuri, New Delhi as homage to the martyrdom of

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Cocoa Fragrance Stamps by Switzerland

Date of issue 09-05–2001 To celebrate the centennial (100 years) of Chocosuisse (Association of Swiss Chocolate Manufacturers), Swiss Post has issued a sheet of stamps